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2010 Top 25 Week 14

Sorry it's taken so long to post my top-25 for this week. But it has been a busy week.

This is the hardest part of the football season. Waiting anxiously for the bowls. And the better the bowl the longer the wait. Unbearable! But things seems to have turned out the way they were supposed to. Oregon versus Auburn. Unless you've been beating the drums for TCU. Don't worry about them. Could any of us imagine a team from a non AQ conference going to the Rose Bowl just a few years ago? But there they are the TCU Horned Frogs going to the Grand Daddy of them all. Plus they will be in a AQ conference next year.

This is my last post until after the bowls have concluded. I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog. One week I got over 4000 hits. That means someone out there is reading it. So thanks.

And now it time for my my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.


1. Oregon - Going to the NC game. And the biggest question is...which uni combo will they
    wear? The rest is details. NEXT: Auburn (BCS National Championship Game) LW - 1
2. Auburn - Going to the NC game. And the biggest question is...will Auburn be able to get
    through an entire month with out another damaging CamGate revelation? 
    NEXT: Oregon (BCS National Championship Game) LW - 2
3. TCU - Here ya go Frogs. A big boy game versus a big boy opponent from a big boy
    conference. Now all you gotta do is win. Good luck with that. 
    NEXT: Wisconsin (Rose Bowl) LW - 3
4. Wisconsin - The Badgers Blitzkrieg rushing attack meets the #1 defense in the country.
    Something has gotta give. NEXT: TCU (Rose Bowl) LW - 4
5. Stanford - I have them at 5. But the BCS has them at 4. That means they get an auto bid to
    a BCS bowl. I say good on them. It would have been a travesty had they been left out for a 
    lesser team. I only wish they were playing Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. See I like a little  
    tradition. NEXT: Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl) LW - 5 
6. Ohio State - The most outlandish thing they have done in 50 years is wear red helmets. I
    can’t wait to see the insanity they try to pull of in 2060. NEXT: Arkansas (Sugar Bowl)
    LW - 6
7. Michigan State - Really regrets not playing Ohio St. right about now. Or losing to Iowa.
    One or the other. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn when seeking a BCS bowl bid. It 
    only takes one loss to screw up a really great season. As much as the Spartans think they are 
    being jobbed right now. The fact is they only have themselves to blame. They should have 
    beat Iowa. NEXT: Alabama (Capitol One Bowl) LW - 7
8. Boise State - And as a reward for losing to Nevada they get a bowl...in Nevada. I think
    Boise clobbers Utah. But this may be the one time Chris Peterson has to work to get his  
    team up for a game. NEXT: Utah (Las Vegas Bowl) LW - 8
9. Arkansas - Saw them musing on ESPN wondering if Ohio St. beats the Razorbacks will
    they finally be able to say the beat a real SEC team. You know. This SEC team that went 
    10-2. Give me a break. It will be a moot point if the Razorbacks win. NEXT: Ohio St.  
    (Sugar Bowl) LW - 9
10. Oklahoma - Big game Bob is in a BCS game and yet it probably doesn’t feel like as big of
    a game as it should. Sooners would be smart not sleep on UConn. The Huskies may be 
    overmatched. But I suspect these guys won’t go down with out a fight.
    NEXT: UConn (Fiesta Bowl) LW - 13
11. Nevada - Wolf Pack draw a Big East team for their Bowl, Boston College. BC is playing
    inspired D right now but Kaepernick and company will just be too much for them. Not to 
    mention BC’s offensive output is worse than Eastern Michigan’s. Don’t expect any Flutie 
    like Hail Mary’s by BC in this game. NEXT: Boston College (Fight Hunger Bowl)
    LW - 11
12. Virginia Tech - James Madison is almost ancient history now, especially in the minds of
    those that have short memories. And the Turkey Birds are playing good ball right now. But 
    I think they get beat they the ugly tree. NEXT: Stanford (Orange Bowl) LW - 16
13. Nebraska - So close. They had the BigXII-2 championship right in their grasp. And let it
    slip away. Or rather Martinez did as he got all butterfingery. Is butterfingery a word? My 
    spell check says no. NEXT: Washington (Holiday Bowl - Huskies get a redo.) LW - 10
14. Missouri - Is it me or are some great BigXII-2 teams getting every bodies leftovers in the
    bowls this year? NEXT: Iowa (Insight Bowl) LW - 12
15. LSU - Like the lucky Mad Hatter he is Les Miles and company have found themselves in
    one of the better bowl match ups this year. NEXT: Texas A&M (Cotton Bowl) LW - 14
16. Oklahoma St. - In many ways this team mirrors Oregon teams of the past couple of years.
    Explosive offense. Suspect defense. And always finding themselves a brides maid and never 
    a bride. But I think if the Cowboys can stay the course. Improve that defense just enough 
    and you just might see them playing in a national championship one of these days.
    NEXT: Arizona (Alamo Bowl) LW - 15
17. Texas A&M - Surprise team of the year to me. Now they gotta play the Mad Hatter. I
    think if the Aggies want to ensure a victory they need only the rewire the clocks at the 
    Cotton Bowl and they got this thing in the bag. NEXT: LSU (Cotton Bowl) LW - 19
18. South Carolina - I know they got beat up pretty good by the War Cash Eagles. But I
    think Cam Cash and company are playing their best ball right now. So I’m not so inclined 
    to punish Cocky too much. NEXT: Florida St. (Chick-fil-A Bowl) LW - 17
19. Alabama - The Tide is just waiting for Cam to declare for the draft so they can reclaim
    supremacy in the SEC. Which is exactly what will happen. 
    NEXT: Michigan State (Capitol One Bowl) LW - 18 
20. Utah - Has to play Boise State in their bowl. Enjoy your beat down. It isn’t going to be
    pretty. NEXT: Boise St. (Las Vegas Beatdown, I mean bowl) LW - 21
21. Hawai’i - I have noticed that Hawai’i spells their name with an apostrophe between the Is.
    But we mainlanders refuse to spell it right. But we’re all worried about offending Indians by 
    using a tribal name as a team name. What is up with that? NEXT: Tulsa (Hawai’i Bowl - 
    Isn’t it great to have your own bowl?) LW - 22
22. West Virginia - Bet your absolutely kicking yourself over that UConn loss right about
    now. NEXT: North Carolina St. (Champs Sports Bowl) LW - 24
23. UCF - Got a pretty good match up with Geogia in a bowl. A win in a bowl versus an SEC
    team would look good. Now all you gotta do is win. NEXT: Georgia (Liberty Bowl)  
    LW - NR
24. UConn - This is a team that wins U - G - L - Y. But they know how to will themselves to
    victory. People say they are going to get creamed by Oklahoma. I’m not so sure. 
    NEXT: Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl) LW - NR
25. Florida State - Did the Seminoles do better with out Bobby coaching them this year. I’m
    not so sure. But I guess the change needed to be made sooner or later. So the question  
    is...should Joe Pa go too? I don’t see a difference. NEXT: South Carolina (Chick-fil-A 
    Bowl) LW - 20

PULL!!!: Norther Illinois, Maryland

Hoping to win their bowl so they can get on the poll: Maryland, Mississippi State, Navy, San Diego State, Tulsa, Northern Illinois

Wishing they were eligible to go to a bowl so they can get on the poll: USC


I'm not a writer. Just a blogger. So I don't have to be all neutral and stuff. Though I do try to be as much as possible. So I would like to end my regular season Top-25 blog with this:


Thank you and have a nice day.



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