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2010 Top 25 Week 14

Sorry it's taken so long to post my top-25 for this week. But it has been a busy week.

This is the hardest part of the football season. Waiting anxiously for the bowls. And the better the bowl the longer the wait. Unbearable! But things seems to have turned out the way they were supposed to. Oregon versus Auburn. Unless you've been beating the drums for TCU. Don't worry about them. Could any of us imagine a team from a non AQ conference going to the Rose Bowl just a few years ago? But there they are the TCU Horned Frogs going to the Grand Daddy of them all. Plus they will be in a AQ conference next year.

This is my last post until after the bowls have concluded. I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog. One week I got over 4000 hits. That means someone out there is reading it. So thanks.

And now it time for my my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.


1. Oregon - Going to the NC game. And the biggest question is...which uni combo will they
    wear? The rest is details. NEXT: Auburn (BCS National Championship Game) LW - 1
2. Auburn - Going to the NC game. And the biggest question is...will Auburn be able to get
    through an entire month with out another damaging CamGate revelation? 
    NEXT: Oregon (BCS National Championship Game) LW - 2
3. TCU - Here ya go Frogs. A big boy game versus a big boy opponent from a big boy
    conference. Now all you gotta do is win. Good luck with that. 
    NEXT: Wisconsin (Rose Bowl) LW - 3
4. Wisconsin - The Badgers Blitzkrieg rushing attack meets the #1 defense in the country.
    Something has gotta give. NEXT: TCU (Rose Bowl) LW - 4
5. Stanford - I have them at 5. But the BCS has them at 4. That means they get an auto bid to
    a BCS bowl. I say good on them. It would have been a travesty had they been left out for a 
    lesser team. I only wish they were playing Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. See I like a little  
    tradition. NEXT: Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl) LW - 5 
6. Ohio State - The most outlandish thing they have done in 50 years is wear red helmets. I
    can’t wait to see the insanity they try to pull of in 2060. NEXT: Arkansas (Sugar Bowl)
    LW - 6
7. Michigan State - Really regrets not playing Ohio St. right about now. Or losing to Iowa.
    One or the other. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn when seeking a BCS bowl bid. It 
    only takes one loss to screw up a really great season. As much as the Spartans think they are 
    being jobbed right now. The fact is they only have themselves to blame. They should have 
    beat Iowa. NEXT: Alabama (Capitol One Bowl) LW - 7
8. Boise State - And as a reward for losing to Nevada they get a bowl...in Nevada. I think
    Boise clobbers Utah. But this may be the one time Chris Peterson has to work to get his  
    team up for a game. NEXT: Utah (Las Vegas Bowl) LW - 8
9. Arkansas - Saw them musing on ESPN wondering if Ohio St. beats the Razorbacks will
    they finally be able to say the beat a real SEC team. You know. This SEC team that went 
    10-2. Give me a break. It will be a moot point if the Razorbacks win. NEXT: Ohio St.  
    (Sugar Bowl) LW - 9
10. Oklahoma - Big game Bob is in a BCS game and yet it probably doesn’t feel like as big of
    a game as it should. Sooners would be smart not sleep on UConn. The Huskies may be 
    overmatched. But I suspect these guys won’t go down with out a fight.
    NEXT: UConn (Fiesta Bowl) LW - 13
11. Nevada - Wolf Pack draw a Big East team for their Bowl, Boston College. BC is playing
    inspired D right now but Kaepernick and company will just be too much for them. Not to 
    mention BC’s offensive output is worse than Eastern Michigan’s. Don’t expect any Flutie 
    like Hail Mary’s by BC in this game. NEXT: Boston College (Fight Hunger Bowl)
    LW - 11
12. Virginia Tech - James Madison is almost ancient history now, especially in the minds of
    those that have short memories. And the Turkey Birds are playing good ball right now. But 
    I think they get beat they the ugly tree. NEXT: Stanford (Orange Bowl) LW - 16
13. Nebraska - So close. They had the BigXII-2 championship right in their grasp. And let it
    slip away. Or rather Martinez did as he got all butterfingery. Is butterfingery a word? My 
    spell check says no. NEXT: Washington (Holiday Bowl - Huskies get a redo.) LW - 10
14. Missouri - Is it me or are some great BigXII-2 teams getting every bodies leftovers in the
    bowls this year? NEXT: Iowa (Insight Bowl) LW - 12
15. LSU - Like the lucky Mad Hatter he is Les Miles and company have found themselves in
    one of the better bowl match ups this year. NEXT: Texas A&M (Cotton Bowl) LW - 14
16. Oklahoma St. - In many ways this team mirrors Oregon teams of the past couple of years.
    Explosive offense. Suspect defense. And always finding themselves a brides maid and never 
    a bride. But I think if the Cowboys can stay the course. Improve that defense just enough 
    and you just might see them playing in a national championship one of these days.
    NEXT: Arizona (Alamo Bowl) LW - 15
17. Texas A&M - Surprise team of the year to me. Now they gotta play the Mad Hatter. I
    think if the Aggies want to ensure a victory they need only the rewire the clocks at the 
    Cotton Bowl and they got this thing in the bag. NEXT: LSU (Cotton Bowl) LW - 19
18. South Carolina - I know they got beat up pretty good by the War Cash Eagles. But I
    think Cam Cash and company are playing their best ball right now. So I’m not so inclined 
    to punish Cocky too much. NEXT: Florida St. (Chick-fil-A Bowl) LW - 17
19. Alabama - The Tide is just waiting for Cam to declare for the draft so they can reclaim
    supremacy in the SEC. Which is exactly what will happen. 
    NEXT: Michigan State (Capitol One Bowl) LW - 18 
20. Utah - Has to play Boise State in their bowl. Enjoy your beat down. It isn’t going to be
    pretty. NEXT: Boise St. (Las Vegas Beatdown, I mean bowl) LW - 21
21. Hawai’i - I have noticed that Hawai’i spells their name with an apostrophe between the Is.
    But we mainlanders refuse to spell it right. But we’re all worried about offending Indians by 
    using a tribal name as a team name. What is up with that? NEXT: Tulsa (Hawai’i Bowl - 
    Isn’t it great to have your own bowl?) LW - 22
22. West Virginia - Bet your absolutely kicking yourself over that UConn loss right about
    now. NEXT: North Carolina St. (Champs Sports Bowl) LW - 24
23. UCF - Got a pretty good match up with Geogia in a bowl. A win in a bowl versus an SEC
    team would look good. Now all you gotta do is win. NEXT: Georgia (Liberty Bowl)  
    LW - NR
24. UConn - This is a team that wins U - G - L - Y. But they know how to will themselves to
    victory. People say they are going to get creamed by Oklahoma. I’m not so sure. 
    NEXT: Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl) LW - NR
25. Florida State - Did the Seminoles do better with out Bobby coaching them this year. I’m
    not so sure. But I guess the change needed to be made sooner or later. So the question  
    is...should Joe Pa go too? I don’t see a difference. NEXT: South Carolina (Chick-fil-A 
    Bowl) LW - 20

PULL!!!: Norther Illinois, Maryland

Hoping to win their bowl so they can get on the poll: Maryland, Mississippi State, Navy, San Diego State, Tulsa, Northern Illinois

Wishing they were eligible to go to a bowl so they can get on the poll: USC


I'm not a writer. Just a blogger. So I don't have to be all neutral and stuff. Though I do try to be as much as possible. So I would like to end my regular season Top-25 blog with this:


Thank you and have a nice day.



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2010 Top 25 Week 13

Crazy week end in Football. I'm stunned Boise lost. The best I thought Nevada would do is toy with us and pretend to make it a game. Of course for it to happen a kicker normally money turned into a shankapotomus x2. So unless Oregon St. pulls off the impossible and South Carolina pulls off the barely possible we are going to see an Oregon / Auburn National Championship game.

It ticks me off though that Oregon is number 2, two one-thousandths behind Auburn in the BCS now. Not because I'm an ego maniacal Duck fan. But because being number one will give Auburn first choice in what jerseys to wear. That will limit what Oregon can choose. Since The War Cam Eagles will wear their dark blue jerseys that means Oregon will probably wear all white unis with white helmets. I'm partial to the black unis and black helmets.  

But I get ahead of myself. There is still one more game to play. And if there is one thing I've learned from the Boise St. / Nevada game it's one more game means one more chance to choke. Choke and all you dreams go up in smoke. 

So say hooray for multiple uniform combinations. Get ready for a Civil War that's no where near the south. A SEC championship game that doesn't involve Alabama or Florida. And keep your eyes on the guys wearing Zebra stripes in the BIGXII-2 championship game.

And don't forget to enjoy my my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.


1. Oregon - Cal game is ancient history now. Duck offense just fine. In fact I think one thing
   was learned by the Ducks in the Cal game has carried over. Grinding it out on the ground  
   isn’t necessarily a bad thing. LW - 1 NEXT: @ Oregon St.
2. Auburn - My new solid number 2. But can they beat the Gamecocks again? I hard to beat a
   team twice in one year. LW - 3 NEXT: South Carolina (SEC conference championship  
3. TCU - I was wondering what it would take to get TCU in the 3 spot. Boise losing worked
   like a charm. LW - 4 (Regular Season Over)
4. Wisconsin - Are they running up the score or does their competition suck so bad that even
   if the Badgers were in a coma they’d still slice through opposing defenses like a hot knife 
   through butter? LW - 5 (Regular Season Over)
5. Stanford - The two best teams in the PAC-10 will be in the same division in the PAC-12.
   I think I sense a new rivalry developing. Not that they liked each other before.
   LW - 6 (Regular Season Over)
6. Ohio St. - Cool red helmets. Welcome to the dark side. LW - 8 (Regular Season Over)
7. Michigan St. - Something just seems a little off with the Spartans. Plus that loss to Iowa
   looking worse every week. In fact Michigan St. is the only team in my top-9 that has a loss
   to a team that is no longer ranked. LW - 10 (Regular Season Over)
8. Boise St. - This was a tough one for me. But I couldn’t take them completely out of the
   top-10. Anyone who saw the game knows that the football gods were against Boise that  
   night. I’ll credit Nevada with the win. But who in the world would have thought a kicker that  
   was 13 of 16 in kicking field goals this season would shank two chip shots. I’ve already 
   started to hear his name spoken in the same breath as Scott Norwood. Such is football. Still 
   I think they can hang with any team in college football. Don’t tell Nevada though. 
   LW - 2 NEXT: Utah St.
9. Arkansas - Solved the Mad Hatter puzzle with some magic of their own and won a big
   game. As long as Auburn doesn’t blow it these little piggies will be bowling for sugar cubes.
   LW - 12 (Regular Season Over)
10. Nebraska - Their plans to steal the BIGXII-2 trophy and run away to the Big10+2 right
   on track...sort of. They’ll need Taylor Martinez to get past the Sooners.  
   NEXT: Oklahoma (Last BIGXII-2 conference championship game ever) LW - 13
11. Nevada - A lot of people believe there are no good teams in the WAC but Boise. But I
   believe when you have a totally dominant team like Boise in your conference you have two 
   choices. You can just roll over and bow to the dominance of that team or you can elevate 
   your play. Recruit better. Practice better. And work to knock off that team. Teams like 
   Nevada and Hawaii are surely sick of hearing Boise this and Boise that. But lets face it 
   Bosie has forced some teams in it’s conference to improve to compete. The WAC is no 
   longer a one team conference. Of course next year it probably won’t be a conference at all.
   NEXT: La. Tech LW - 16 
12. Missouri - Why do I have the Tigers ahead of Oklahoma? Because they beat the Sooners.
   And I think if they played again Missouri would win again. (Regular Season Over)
   LW - 14
13. Oklahoma - Well the team with the most BIGXII championship game appearances is
   going back again. Nothing like consistency. If you like re-runs. By the way the Sooners 
   have been there 7 times and are 6-1. Doesn’t look good for the Cornhuskers. 
   NEXT: Nebraska (BIGXII-2 conference championship game) LW - 15
14. LSU - Smoke and mirrors only works so long before someone sees though the ruse. Best
   way to combat smoke and mirrors is with smoke and mirrors of your own. I wonder if right 
   now Les Miles is complaining about how lucky that Arkansas team is? 
   (Regular Season Over) LW - 7
15. Oklahoma St. - Did you know the Cowboy’s pass defense is ranked 110th in the nation.
   That five places worse than Michigan. And the entire state of Michigan is calling for the 
   Wolverine defensive coordinators head. Okie St. will never get past a pass happy 
   Oklahoma Sooners in the future to win the BIGXII-2 without improving that pass defense. 
   (Regular Season Over) LW - 9  
16. Virginia Tech - The Turkey Birds have definitely saved a season the was a smoking wreck
   a few weeks ago. But I gotta say I’ve seen some voters ranking VT as high as 7th. 
   Really!?! I’m mean come on, Really!?! And then ranking a one loss Boise, who beat VT by 
   the way, Seven spots lower. Even the Coaches poll put Boise ahead of VT. And don’t get 
   me started on ranking a two loss team who lost to an FCS team in the top -10 at all. Sigh.  
   LW - 17 NEXT: Florida St. (ACC conference championship game)
17. South Carolina - Note to the Ole Ball Coach. Bench Garcia again and the result against
   Auburn will be the same. You WILL lose. NEXT: Auburn (SEC conference championship 
   game) LW - 19
18. Alabama - Probably the best 3 loss team in the country for what it’s worth. But gotta rank
   them behind South Carolina. You know that whole head to head thing and all. Just a tip for 
   the future. You receivers can support your freshman QB coming in at the last second by 
   catching the ball. Just thought I’d pass that on. (Regular Season Over) LW - 11
19. Texas A&M - >Insert Aggies joke here.< (Regular Season Over) LW - 18
20. Florida St. - Contractual obligations require me to rank a Florida team. NEXT: Virginia
   Tech (ACC conference championship game.) LW - 22
21. Utah - That was one heck of a Holy War. Notice how I put heck and holy in the
   same sentence? The game didn’t look to holy to me. Doubt the Utes care. 
   (Regular Season Over) LW - 23
22. Hawaii - The Warriors win over Nevada looking pretty good right about now. Yes that
   loss to Colorado wasn’t their most glorious moment. But the Buff had flashes of greatness 
   this year. Like when they beat Georgia and Kansas St. NEXT: UNLV LW - 25
23. Northern Illinois - Laid a Wisconsin like beat down on E. Michigan. NEXT: Miami, Oh
   (MAC conference championship game) LW - 24
24. West Virginia - Finally we’ve have a Big East sighting in the top-25. Funny thing is
   with one week to go there is still a chance 5 of the 8 teams in the Big East could finish in a 
   tie for first. This conference has got to get it’s act together or give up it’s AQ status.
   NEXT: Rutgers LW - NR
25. Maryland - The Turtles saved their best for last beating a ranked N.C. State team who
   clearly hated to be ranked and was in a hurry to return to obscurity. 
   (Regular Season Over) LW - NR

Teams in a hurry to return to obscurity: N.C. State, Arizona

Arrived too late to get on the top-25 bus: UCF, Mississippi St, UConn, Navy, San Diego St, Tulsa, Arizona


Has anyone noticed all three of the current independent teams wear gold helmets. I think they should just find five more teams wearing gold helmets and form a conference called the Golden Dome Conference. Or GDC for short. Just a thought. Till next week. Last top-25 before teams go bowling.






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2010 Top 25 Week 12

Well its hate week in the SEC. Quite a few rivalries being played this week around the country in fact. None will have more eyes on it than the Iron Bowl. Cam leaves his ear plugs in to drown out distractions and travels to Tuscaloosa. I think the Tide will be ready for him.

Other big games include Arizona @ Oregon, Boise St. @ Nevada, Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St. and Michigan St. @ Penn St. All of these games will have a huge impact on who we see in the BCS games this year. And all of these games have upset potential.

So buckle up people, strap on your leather helmets, and be careful not to spill that beer because we are in the home stretch of the 2010 college football season.

And while your waiting take a gander at my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.


1. Oregon - Had a successful bye week. Hey, I'm sure it's possible to screw up a bye week. 
    NEXT: Arizona  LW - 1
2. Boise St. - Fresno St couldn’t complain about the Bronco uniforms blending in with the turf.
    Those orange unis were definitely obvious out there on the blue. NEXT: @ Nevada LW - 2
3. Auburn - The Tigers bye week wasn’t as much fun. The stories about War Cam Eagle are
    not going away. And neither is the Tide. Could be a tough week for the Tigers. Then again  
    Cam seems to be deaf to all the noise. NEXT: @ Alabama LW - 3
4. TCU - The Frogs can do nothing else to help themselves. They are stuck behind Boise St.
    They could put up 100 points at New Mexico and it will do no good. NEXT: @ New 
    Mexico (If Mexico actually cared about college football they would ask the state of New  
    Mexico to change it’s name and the name of its colleges.) LW - 4
5. Wisconsin - The Baadgurzzz do can nothing more, at this point, than to just abuse their
    remaining opponents. Which is exactly what they have been doing. Say what you want 
    about Michigan’s defense but it gave up less points to Wisconsin than Indiana. It’s a good 
    thing I’m typing this I’d never be able to say it with a straight face. NEXT: Northwestern 
    LW - 5
6. Stanford - Luck is playing his way into the Heisman race. More importantly they just might
    find themselves an at large pick in a BCS bowl game. Not bad for a bunch of tree hugging  
    brainiacs. NEXT: Oregon St. LW - 6
7. LSU - No offense to the Fighting Mad Hatters, but they have no business playing for a
    national championship having not even won their division. I would rather see a one loss 
    Auburn, Oregon, or Wisconsin there. NEXT: @ Arkansas LW - 7
8. Ohio St. - Face it Buckeye fans, Wisconsin is not going to lose to Northwestern. Your
    chances of winning a Big 10+2 conference championship died with Dan Persa’s Achilles 
    tendon. NEXT: Michigan LW - 9
9. Oklahoma St. - All off season all we heard was how Nebraska was going to play
    Oklahoma or Texas in the BIGXII- 2 championship. Someone forgot to tell Oklahoma St. 
    and Missouri. NEXT: Oklahoma LW - 11
10. Michigan St. - Spartans trying like crazy to stave off a late season meltdown. Fortunately
     for them Purdue has meltdowns down to a science. NEXT: @ Penn St. LW - 10
11. Alabama - Defending national champs find themselves in odd territory this week, as
     spoilers. NEXT: Auburn LW - 12
12. Arkansas - I know I have been on the Razorbacks all year about winning the big one.
     Beating a team, like LSU, that seems to win against all odds would make it easier to believe 
     in them. NEXT: LSU LW - 13
13. Nebraska - Bo Pelini seemed to be doing his best Nick Saban imitation with Taylor
     Martinez. Except Saban looked like he was doing some zealous coaching and Pelini was  
     having a zealous meltdown. Blaming the officials every week is getting old too. You can’t 
     tell me the officials were the primary reason the Cornhuskers scored only 6 points. NEXT: 
     Colorado (I’ll laugh if Colorado gets the benefit of some questionable officiating calls since
     the Buffs are also moving out of the BigXII-2 too.) LW - 8
14. Missouri - Finishes the season with the biggest love filed rivalry since the crusades.
     Sometimes I wish they would stop just playing around and finally nuke each other. 
     NEXT: @ Kansas LW - 14
15. Oklahoma - The Sooners last regular season game with Okie St. features two of the best
     offenses in the country. So naturally it will be the team that plays the best defense that 
     will win. Makes sense to me. NEXT @ Oklahoma St. LW - 15
16. Nevada - I think the Wolf Pack has a real chance to beat Boise St. A real small one that is.
     NEXT: Boise St. LW - 16
17. Virginia Tech - The Fighting Tyrod Turkey Birds are still waiting to see who, from the
     Atlantic division, wants to offer themselves up as a sacrifice in the ACC championship game
     NEXT: Virginia LW - 17
18. Texas A&M - After a 9-6 win over the Cornhuskers I can’t help but tell at least one more
     Aggie joke. The Aggies were playing Baylor. It was near the end of the game and Baylor  
     was ahead by 4. Someone threw a firecracker and the Bears thought it was the gun and 
     ran off the field celebrating. Three plays later the Aggies scored and won!! NEXT: Texas 
     (Remember when Texas was the good team rubbing the Aggies noses in their mediocrity? I 
     think A&M is going to take out a lot of frustration on the Longhorns.) LW - 20
19. South Carolina - Hopefully the Gamecocks will avoid looking ahead of Clemson to their 
     show down against Auburn. History says otherwise. NEXT: @ Clemson LW - 18
20. Arizona - Arizona and Iowa have been best buds hanging around each other in the polls.
     After this weekends showdown with Oregon the Wildcats will have the opportunity to join 
     the Hawkeye’s in the unranked section. NEXT: @ Oregon LW - 21
21. North Carolina St. - You know every time I rank these guys they promptly lose. But the
     football gods appeared to be with the Wolfpack this week. So I’ll give them another try.
     By the way. Has anyone noticed that N. C. State spells Wolfpack as one word, and 
     Nevada spells it as two words? My spell check only complains when I spell it as one 
     word. Just saying. NEXT: @ Maryland LW - NR
22. Florida St. - Every week it is getting harder and harder to find a team from Florida to rank.
     It’s FSU’s turn. They will of course blow it versus Florida. Then it will be the Gator’s turn 
     to be ranked. NEXT: Florida LW - NR
23. Utah - I was all ready to pull the Utes from my top-25 until they went all shootout on the
     Aztecs. NEXT: UNLV LW - 24
24. Northern Illinois - NIU’s debut in my poll my may have more to do with my unwillingness
     to rank a 4 loss team than how I feel about the Huskies. But here they are. We will see if 
     they stay. NEXT: @ E. Michigan LW - NR
25. Hawaii - You know the Warriors have a killer offense. In fact they have the #1 passing
     attack in the country. Bryant Moniz threw for a school record 560 yards this week end. 
     More than Colt Brennan passed for. And they beat Nevada. So they have earned the final 
     spot in this weeks top-25.

End of season meltdown fully in progress: USC, Iowa, Mississippi St., Miami, Fl

Looking for a last chance gas station: USC, Iowa, Mississippi St., Navy, UCF, West Virginia, Florida


You all have to admit this has been a different kind of year in college football. Mixed in with the big power house teams we see Non AQ teams and teams that are just now coming into their own. It's been a fun year not just talking about the same old teams. Change is good. And college football is the greatest sport there is.



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2010 Top 25 Week 11

We are getting down to it folks. Most teams have only one or two games left. Of the unbeatens, TCU has the easiest path with a game at woeful New Mexico. Your supposed to start a season against a cup cake not end it. Oregon has Arizona and Oregon St. left. The Ducks might break a sweat against them but that's about it. Bosie actually has to play a couple of games that might make them break a sweat too. Fresno will bring their A game to Boise but the real test comes at Nevada. Auburn has the hardest road. The play at Alabama and then SEC conference championship versus South Carolina. With all that's going on with Cam Newton I can't see the Tigers winning both of these games. If they do they have earned the right to play for the national title hands down.

And now it's time for what this blog is all about. Please sit back enjoy a foamy coffee and an nice pastry and enjoy my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land .

1. Oregon - Win over Cal will win the Ducks no style points. But I was Impressed the Duck D
    limited Cal to less than 200 total yards. Also an offense that is used to striking fast held the
    ball for the final 9:30 of the game. You gotta know Tedford thought for sure his offense
    would get the ball back a couple of times before it was over. But instead the Cal offense got 
    to play bench warmers.  NEXT: Bye  LW-1
2. Boise St. - Spanked the Idaho JV team in the high school gym. That’s what it looked like on
    TV. Heard Vandal fans called Boise a former Truck Driving School. Funny stuff. Maybe
    they should have talked a little less smack and played a little more football.  NEXT: Fresno
    St.  LW - 2
3. Auburn - Fact. Cam stole a laptop. Fact. Except for establishing a patten of poor decisions
    the laptop is irrelevant. Fact. Cam is a great football player. Supposition. Cam is playing for
    money. Until I hear real evidence that changes supposition to fact here they will stay.
    NEXT: Bye LW - 3
4. TCU - San Diego St lost. But there is a little manufactured triumph for the Aztecs. They have
    made it known they are ready to fill the void left by Utah and BYU leaving. If TCU stays in
    the MWC it will have TCU, Boise St., Nevada, Fresno St, and San Diego St. there playing
    good  football. Yea, the Mountain West will be fine...if they can hold onto TCU.  NEXT:
    Bye LW - 4
5. Wisconsin - Note to people who cry because they feel the Badgers run up the score. It is the
    job of opposing defenses to limit the amount of points the Badgers score not the Wisconsin
    offense. Now run off to Mamby-Pamby Land, Jackwagons!  NEXT: @ Michigan (They
    might need those 83 points against the Wolverines. Will it be running up the score then?) 
    LW - 5
6. Stanford - Got a little help from visually impaired refs. But still put ASU away. By the way
    the Sun Devils lost to three ranked teams, Wisconsin, USC, and Stanford by combined 6  
    points. They are 8 points away from being 8-2 instead of 4-6.  NEXT: Bye  LW - 6
7. LSU - Feasted on Warhawks. NEXT: Ole Missoli Rebel Bear Thingies LW - 7
8. Nebraska - Still on track to leave the BIG XII - 2 as the best team in the conference. There  
    is no way the BIG XII - 2 doesn’t become weaker with out the Cornhuskers.  
    NEXT: @ Texas A&M  LW - 8
9. Ohio St. - The Buckeyes are quietly taking care of business at #9. Is it me or do the
    Buckeyes pretty much always quietly take care of business where ever they are ranked?  
    NEXT: @Iowa LW - 9
10. Michigan St. - After their bye week I almost forgot these guys existed. But this week the
      Spartans play the Jekyll and Hyde Boilermakers. Exactly how did they beat Northwestern
      in their building and lose to the Toledo Rockets at home? Ridiculous. NEXT: @ Purdue
      LW - 10
11. Oklahoma St. - Cowboys offense keep blazing along. And it seems even the defense has
      decided to play a little too.  NEXT: @ Kansas LW - 11
12. Alabama - For a second when I saw Saban yelling at back-up QB A.J. McCarron I
      thought I had accidently switched it too the South Carolina game. Then I realized I saw no
      visor. NEXT: Georgia State (Who? Next I’ll hear there is a Texas State.)  LW - 12
13. Arkansas - I’m just not sure about Mallett. Don’t get me wrong he is a good QB. But I just
      have this feeling that just before he plays his first NFL game someone is going to slip a
      jersey that says Leaf on the back.  NEXT: @ Cowbell State LW - 14
14. Missouri - Play the Cyclones. Who mainly cycle from good team, to bad team, to good
      team, to mainly bad team. Who will show up to play the Tigers. NEXT: @ Iowa St.
      LW - 17
15. Oklahoma - Have tough last two games at Baylor and at Okie St. I just don’t see the
      Sooners pulling both of these out. They have played three away games so far and only won
      one of  them. And that win was at Cincinnati by 2 points. And we all know good Cincinnati
      isn’t this year. NEXT: @ Baylor  LW - 18
16. Nevada - Struggled at Fresno. But Fresno always brings their A game for ranked
      opponents. Still The Bulldogs reinforced in my mind how weak the Wolf Pack D is. I think
     the Auburn defense is better. That’s pretty bad. NEXT: Tune up time with New Mexico St.
     (You watch. The Nevada defense will give up 24 points to the Aggies.)  LW - 20
17. Virginia Tech - Winning 8 in a row, the Turkey Birds are flying high now after having their
      goose cook by Boise and an FCS team that is now 5-5. Yikes. Still VT has engineered, see
      how I did that, a respectable season. NEXT: @ Miami, Fl  LW - 21
18. South Carolina - I sometimes I think the Gamecocks are an enigma, wrapped in a visor,
      wrapped in an overripe banana peel. Normally you just have to wait and either they will
      trip on visor or slip on a banana peel just when they should be cruising. And then out of
      nowhere they will bring their full on A game. Gators got a taste of that A game in their own
      building. NEXT: Troy (Banana peel time?)  LW - NR
19. USC - Looking better every week. Kiffen looks like he just might get to stick around after
      the Trojans get their ankle bracelets off. It looks like the Cover None defense is learning to 
      Cover Some...times too. NEXT: @ Oregon State (I suspect the mental fog that follows the 
      Trojans to Corvallis will lift this time.)  LW - 23
20. Texas A&M - You know I told an Aggies joke a couple of weeks ago and I feel bad so
      here’s another. Why did the Aggie get fired from the M&M plant as a quality control
      inspector? He kept throwing out all the W&W's!  NEXT: Nebraska (An Aggie win could  
      make things very messy in the BigXII - 2.)  LW - 22
21. Arizona - The Wildcats get a break and the four game gauntlet continues. They dropped the
      first two. I think after their bye they get abused by the Ducks and the Sun Devils, finishing
      with four game skid. Ouch. NEXT: Bye LW - 16
22. Iowa - I can no longer on any level justify having Iowa ranked ahead of Arizona. Doesn’t
      matter. I doubt, in a couple of weeks, I’ll have either team ranked. The point will be moot.
      NEXT: Ohio St.  LW - 13
23. Mississippi St. - Can’t punish the Cowbells to much for losing to the Tide. Everyone knew
      it was going to happen. They won’t be able to survive losing to Arkansas. NEXT: Arkansas
     LW - 19
24. Utah - The Utes have now entered full on meltdown mode. The meltdown should
      continue.  NEXT: @ San Diego St. LW - 15
25. Miami, FL - I debated which Florida team to rank here. For some reason I chose Miami.
      NEXT: Virginia Tech LW - NR

Exiled from the poll for bad football: UCF, San Diego St.

Looking for a reprieve: Northern Illinois, San Diego St., Florida St., Navy, Hawaii, Northwestern, North Carolina St., Temple, Syracuse.

We are in the home stretch now. Still some good football to be played yet. But I see some good bowls, and some not so good bowls around the corner. Just...a...couple...more...games.


Posted on: November 8, 2010 3:48 am

2010 Top 25 Week 10

Four! That is number of undefeated teams left. Except these four are all legit. Oregon, Boise State, Auburn and TCU could all very well go undefeated. I can hear the chanting for playoffs now. Except it will never happen. I guess we can hope two of these four lose. Or not and we can sit back and watch the fireworks. And don't even ask about 1 loss teams. Every week the Final Four survives the more one loss teams look like wannabees. No, cry and scream all you want, because the pool from which the National Champion will emerge is now very small.

And now it's Top-25 time.  Enjoy my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land ... or not.

1. Oregon - Thank goodness for cruise control. Even in an off game they score 53.
    NEXT: @ California and the failed Tedford experiment.  LW - 1
2. Boise St. - Stomped Hawaii so bad they looked like a WAC team...Wait... NEXT: @
    Idaho (Playing for The Governors Trophy. Wonder if it comes with a free bag of potato
    chips?)  LW - 2
3. Auburn - There is an assumption on the part of many that surely the Tigers will lose before
    the season is over. And the assumption is Alabama is the one that will do it. I’m less sure
    every week Alabama can pull it off. It is @ Alabama though. NEXT: Georgia  LW - 3
4. TCU - Thought about moving TCU up. But everyone ahead of them have great wins too.
    It’s probably going to take a loss by someone ahead of them to move up.
    NEXT: San Diego St. LW - 4
5. Wisconsin - Still the best one loss team in my mind. NEXT: Indiana LW - 5
6. Stanford - Made Arizona look stupid. This game was never in doubt. Tree mascot is still
    dumb though. I would be ashamed to put that costume on. I thought Stanford students were
    smarter.  NEXT: @ Arizona St. LW - 10
7. LSU - Les and the Broken Clock Brigade seems to have all the parts back in place. I guess
    we are going to have to face it the Bayou Bengals know how to win...most of the time.
    NEXT: La. - Monroe LW - 15
8. Nebraska - Escaped. That’s how I’d describe the trip to Iowa St. Not so sure the
    Cornhuskers don’t have another loss in them. Maybe in a couple weeks at Texas A&M.
    They shouldn’t have any trouble with the Jayhawks...I think. NEXT: Kansas  LW - 7
9. Ohio St. - You know I can’t think of one useful thing to say about the Buckeyes. Oh well.
    NEXT: Penn St. (In a classic battle of logoless helmets.) LW - 9
10. Michigan St. - I probably shouldn’t have moved them so far down after the loss to Iowa.
     But it was a pretty bad loss. But being charitable as ever the Gophers served themselves up
     pipping hot on a golden platter to make the Spartans feel better. NEXT: BYE LW - 14
11. Oklahoma St. - Had 725 yards of offense against Baylor. That is just crazy. NEXT: BYE
      LW - 17
12. Alabama - The Tide is high and I’m moving on. You use to be...number 1. Que steel
      drums. NEXT: Mississippi State LW - 6
13. Iowa - Normally a hideously ugly win, like the one at Indiana, would get you dropped a
      few spots. But a win no matter how ugly is better that the slew or losses other teams in the
      top-25 suffered. NEXT: @ Northwestern LW - 16
14. Arkansas - The good news is they finally beat a ranked team, the bad news is the team
      they beat has made choking an art form. NEXT: UTEP  LW - 18
15. Utah - Oh that was ugly. Utes laid a full on egg in their own building. A rotten, smelly, nasty
      egg. Should be able to bound back against the Fighting Irish. ND is good for that
      nowadays. NEXT @ Notre Dame LW - 8
16. Arizona - I heard a cheerleader in their game against Stanford chanting UA, UA, UA. Why
      would an Arizona cheerleader want a pee test so bad? On another note I’m not so sure
      Matt Scott isn’t the better QB. Or maybe Foles was rusty or overrated...or something.
      NEXT: USC (The end of season gauntlet continues for the Wildcats) LW - 13
17. Missouri - As fast as the Tigers burst onto the scene they are fading off of it. See ya
      Mizzou. Your 15 minutes is up. NEXT: Kansas St. (K. State will probably win. They only
      lose when I rank them.)  LW - 11
18. Oklahoma - Is it me or is there a complete changing of the guard occurring in the Big XII -
      2? Teams like Okie St., Baylor, and Texas A&M are taking over the South. Nebraska is
      bailing for the Big 10 + 2. Texas sucks. And Oklahoma may lose a couple more games
      before the season is over. A lot of conferences have seen a changing of the guard over the
      last couple of years. NEXT: Texas Tech LW - 12
19. Mississippi St. - I have 5 teams from the SEC West ranked. But none from the East.
      Weird. I do have a feeling however in the coming weeks Florida will replace Mississippi St.
      And no I do not rank a predetermined number of SEC teams. NEXT: @ Alabama
      LW - 22
20. Nevada - Enjoyed a first class beat down of Idaho racking up 844 yards of offense. The
      Vandal D must have been on vacation and they substituted tackling dummies instead.
      NEXT: @ Fresno St. (Surely the Bulldog D will provide a little more resistance.)  LW - 23
21. Virginia Tech - FCS loss notwithstanding, yes I know I keep bringing this up, the Turkey
      Birds are in full control of the ACC now. Mainly because no one else wants it. I would be
      surprised if they lost anymore games in conference play. Now that I have said this you
      watch they’ll drop their next game. NEXT: @ North Carolina
22. Texas A&M - This is a surprise ranking for me. Didn’t think the Aggies had it in them.
      They started to look like they were entering full meltdown mode against the Sooners in the
      second half. A sweet 64 yard TD pass in the 4th was the dagger the Aggies slipped
      between the Sooner ribs and stopped their own bleeding. NEXT: @ Baylor LW - NR
23. USC - I know I’m a law breaker for ranking the Probationary Trojans. But they were
      banned from playing a bowl game not from playing good football. NEXT: @ Arizona
      LW - NR
24. Central Florida - Because I am determined to rank a team from Florida. It just happens to
      be UCF’s turn. NEXT: Southern Mississippi LW - NR
25. San Diego St. - It is really a shame they play TCU next week I’d love to rank the Aztecs
      more than just one week. Ah well. NEXT: @ TCU LW - NR

Egg sucking dogs: South Carolina, North Carolina State, Baylor, Florida St.

Waiting for their turn to get into the hen house: Temple, South Carolina, Florida, Baylor, North
Carolina, Florida St, Miami Fl (Unless your dumb enough to let Jacory Harris take another snap at QB ever again.), Navy, Penn St, Hawaii  

There have been a lot of shake ups this year. I'll bet there are a few more surprises in store. Come on admit it. Hasn't this year been fun? A lot more fun than a year that has only one number 1 team all year. Or are you like little kids that want the same story read to them over and over again because they know the ending? Boring.

College football I love it.

>END TRANSMISSION<                      

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2010 Top 25 Week 9

And then there were five. Michigan St. and Mizzou go down. Oregon, Auburn, Boise St., TCU, and Utah keep humming along. Which undefeated will go down next? At least either TCU or Utah is going down. This much we know. Boise might have to break sweat with Hawaii visiting. Oregon has the spiraling Huskies and Auburn is going to eat Chattanooga cupcakes. Maybe they should have a bake sale.

Ah well, let's have a look at my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land .

1. Oregon - After the dismantling of a very good USC team, in which they had 599 yards of
    offense, it looks like the Ducks have a strangle hold on the #1 spot. No time to look back now.
    Next: Washington. LW - 1
2. Boise St. - The Broncos are averaging 515 yards of offense. The Hawaii Warriors are
    averaging 491. Should be fun...if the Warriors manage to bring a defense with them. The only
    chance Hawaii has is in a crazy shootout and their D is going to have to come up with a few
    turnovers. It could happen...but just not likely. Next: Hawaii LW - 2
3. Auburn - The Tigers will probably take some heat for this but scheduling an easy scrimmage
    against The Tenn. Chattanooga Mocs just before big games against Georgia and Alabama 
    might work in their favor in the long run.  NEXT: Tenn. Chattanooga Mocs. (Exactly what is
    or are Mocs?)  LW - 3
4. TCU - Biggest Game of the week is in the Mountain West Conference. A convincing win on
    the road with Utah will be impossible to ignore. Well someone will downplay it as a couple of
    good mid-majors playing each other. This game will have an important impact on the BCS.
    NEXT: @ Utah LW - 4
5. Wisconsin - I’m just waiting for someone to say ‘how can you have the Badgers over
    Michigan St. who beat them?’ Well Wisconsin beat Iowa who spanked Michigan St. who beat
    Wisconsin. Nice little circle of love. It also means I’m tossing out the head to head for this
    judgement call. NEXT: @ Perdue (Choo choo) LW - 7
6. Alabama - Some say if Alabama beats the Auburn Tigers and wins the SEC CG they will go to
    the National Championship game over TCU and Boise State. Oh if this happens I can hear the
    screams now.  NEXT: @ LSU LW - 8
7. Nebraska - Say Hello to Mr. Roy Helu Jr.! 307 yards rushing?  Are you kidding? Impressive. 
    NEXT @ The Unpredictable Iowa St. Cyclones LW - 13
8. Utah - Utah’s shot at a BCS game comes this week with TCU. This is it because what looked
    like a chance to impress us at Notre Dame later is just another game against a mediocre team.
    They’ll get more credit for beating San Diego St. after that. Kinda sad really.
    NEXT: BYE LW - 9
9. Ohio St. - I’m glad this week is over. Block O Nation’s avatar with the dead gopher was really
     kind of gross. It was probably on the menu at the Road Kill Grill in Columbus. NEXT: BYE 
     LW - 10
10. Stanford - Remember the days when USC, UCLA, and Washington were always at the top of
      the PAC-10? Now it’s teams like Oregon, Stanford and Arizona. Next your going to tell me
     Auburn and South Carolina could win the SEC. Or Baylor, Oklahoma St. or Iowa St. could
     win the Big 12. Or Michigan St. or Wisconsin could win the Big 10. Oh wait... NEXT:
     Arizona  LW - 11
11. Missouri - Wondered last week if they could beat Oklahoma and Nebraska in back to back
      weeks. That’s a big negative. NEXT: @ Texas Tech. LW - 6
12. Oklahoma - Once upon a time a game this late against Texas A&M was nice tune up before
      an upcoming big game. But this year the Aggies are 5-3 and are easily the best of the all the
      teams called the Aggies. FBS and FCS. Impressive. NEXT: Texas A&M Aggies. (Not to be
      confused with the New Mexico St. Aggies, North Carolina A&T Aggies, UC Davis Aggies
      and the Utah St. Aggies, all of whom suck. Did you know that there are only three types of
      Aggies? Those who can count and those who can't. True story.) LW - 12
13. Arizona - Saw some analysts on ESPN make a point of mentioning if the Wildcats win the
      rest of their games they deserve a shot a the NC game. Even with one loss. Maybe, but there
      is no way Arizona gets past Stanford, USC, and Oregon. The gauntlet starts NEXT: @
      Stanford  LW - 14
14. Michigan St. - Ran out of luck. It was only a matter of time. Dantonio looks like he’s  
      building something pretty good in East Lansing. There has to be more behind it than fake
      punts and fake field goals. NEXT: Minnesota  LW - 5
15. LSU - Can Miles and the broken clock brigade hold back the Tide. Probably not. But if that
      stout LSU D can keep McElroy and company from scoring the Bayou Bengals could pull it
      off...on the last play of the game. Or so I choose to believe. NEXT: Alabama  LW - 15
16. Iowa - All hail the Sparty killers.  NEXT: @ Indiana  LW - 17
17. Oklahoma St. - The Cowboys are averaging 527 yards offense. Baylor is averaging 490 yards
      of offense. So...that means the team playing the best defense just might win. If either
      team decides to play any at all. NEXT: Baylor  LW - 21
18. Arkansas - Razorbacks and Gamecocks. Who wants to predict that game. A team that chokes
      in big game versus a team that chokes after they win the big one. NEXT: @ South Carolina 
      LW - 18
19. South Carolina - Do the Cocks got game against the Razorbacks? NEXT: Arkansas LW - 20
20. North Carolina State - Picked off the schizophrenic Seminoles. Now they must avoid
      becoming schizo themselves. NEXT: @ Clemson LW - NR
21. Baylor - Baylor is playing good football right now. I think they can beat Oklahoma St. But
      the Bears are entering uncharted territory for them. And none of their last three games will be
      easy. NEXT: @ Oklahoma St.  LW - 25
22. Mississippi St. - I’m still not sold on the Bulldogs. They just look like at any moment they
      will revert back to the crappy team with a fetish for cowbells we’re used to.
      NEXT: BYE  LW - 23
23. Nevada - Gave up 42 points to Utah State. In the second half no less. Sheesh! Learn to put a
      team away! NEXT: @ Idaho  LW - 24
24. Florida St. - What is it with schizophrenic teams in the state of Florida this season. It boggles
      the mind. Are you all off your meds. Did you know the two teams in Florida with the best
      record right now are Florida St. and Central Florida at 6-2. UCF is actually 6-2. Crazy year
      this is. NEXT: North Carolina  LW - 16
25. Virginia Tech - Ok, I’m finally starting to get over the loss to JMU enough to rank you. I still
      think it is utterly insane that a top - 25 ranked FBS team from a major conference (The ACC
      is still a major conference right?) has a loss to an FCS team. LW- NR

To the back of the line with you: USC, Miami, Fl

Waiting for their turn to get into the night club: Hawaii, Syracuse, USC, Northwestern, Maryland, Temple, Central Florida, Oregon St.

I'll leave you with this. I'm finding it harder and harder each week to leave my top 4 where I have them. They all have such different resumes. It really is hard because they all four are great teams. It not as if one of the four (Auburn, Boise St., Oregon, and TCU) is clearly weaker than the other. Hopefully every thing shakes out in the next few weeks. It would be unfair if an undeafeated team lost out on a chance at a national championship game.

Then again, who said football is fair?

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Edited on: October 26, 2010 2:44 am

2010 Top 25 Week 8

Well it's another week and another top team crashes and burns. Mizzou looks like the real deal. But, as we have seen, having teams like Oklahoma and Nebraska back to back could be a killer or a ticket to the top of the poll. This week a lot of top teams are on the road. Look for couple of upsets.

Here is my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land .

1. Oregon - Still here. Don’t feel like going anywhere. The Ducks are averaging over 569 yards
    of offense. Trojans averaging 494 yards of offense. Should be a blast. Next: @ USC. LW - 1
2. Boise St. - The Broncos are finally getting near the part of their schedule they might actually
    need to break a sweat. Well except this week. (psst...that's a compliment) Next: La Tech LW - 2
3. Auburn - This team has a good a chance as any one to make it undefeated. Game at Alabama         
    still looms on the horizon. Might be one of the biggest games of the year.  NEXT: @ Ole
    Missoli Bear Rebel Thingies  LW - 3
4. TCU - Well Air Force made it a game for about a quarter and a half. TCU just too much.    
     These guys are allowing just 220 yard on defense. Crazy good. NEXT: @ UNLV LW - 4
5. Michigan St. - Faking their way to the top. Oh come on, you know what I mean. Fake punts.
    Fake field goals. It takes some brass ones to call this much trickeration. And some serious skill
    to pull it all off. Mark Dantonio has clearly been going to the Chris Peterson school of
    coaching NEXT: @ Iowa LW - 7
6. Missouri - Ok, fine. You beat the Sooners. You’re on the radar. But can you follow it up with a
    win at Nebraska? NEXT: @ Nebraska LW - 17
7. Wisconsin - Beat Ohio St. and Iowa back to back. Who believed they would pull this feat off?
    Come on. Be honest. I think the Badgers are the best one loss team right now. NEXT BYE
    (Whew!) LW - 10
8. Alabama - Heard a little initial criticism of the Tide for allowing the Volunteers to hang with
    them for a while. Not from me. Tennessee has pretty much shown they can hang with anyone
    for quarter and half. NEXT: BYE LW - 8
9. Utah - First test in a while at Air Force. Don’t get caught looking ahead. NEXT: @ Air Force
     LW - 9
10 Ohio St. - Shook off the cobwebs and easily derailed the Boilermakers. NEXT: Gopher for
      dinner. Probably taste better than badger anyway. LW - 12
11. Stanford - Gotta put teams away. Gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter to Wazzu. Made it
      look closer than it was. NEXT: @ The schizophrenic Huskies. LW - 11
12. Oklahoma - Another team with a good offense and a suspect defense that got exposed.
      NEXT: Home cooked Colorado Buffalos. Mmmm good.  LW - 1
13. Nebraska - Ah maybe the loss at home with Texas was a fluke. Just another example of how
       now matter how good you are to win every week you must be focused an ready to win. We
       will see how focused they are this week. NEXT: Missouri LW - 13
14. Arizona - Look at what the Wildcats found just laying around in Seattle. Of all things they
      found a ground game. Back-up QB Matt Scott looked good too. I guess the rumors of the death
      of the Wildcat season have been greatly exaggerated. NEXT: Tune up @ UCLA  LW - 14
15. LSU - The Bayou Bengals were in it right to the end. But Jarrett Lee was terrible. At least
      Jordan Jefferson can run. Yikes. LSU’s offense is like having a beautiful set of every
      Craftsman tool possible and then giving them to someone with late stage Parkinson’s disease.       
      How’s that for a visual. NEXT: BYE (Both LSU and Alabama will have 2 weeks to prepare
      for each other)  LW - 6
16. Florida St. - Not sure about the Seminoles. They might win out and represent the ACC in a
      BCS bowl. Then again they might lose all of them, and barely make a bowl. What does a
      schizophrenic Seminole look like? NEXT: @ North Carolina State  LW - 18
17. Iowa - Three words: FIRE YOUR KICKER. You played a heck of a game and it all got flush
      into the sewer by some bad kicking...oh and some bad clock management.
      NEXT: Michigan St.  LW - 15
18. Arkansas - Got everything they could handle from the Flying Masoli Rebel Bears. NEXT:
      Darth Vader Built Commodes.  LW - 21
19. USC - This team is two plays away from being undefeated. Unfortunately if their defense had
      rose to the occasion those two plays would not have happened. NEXT: Oregon LW - 24
20. South Carolina - Right now Jeff Garcia is probably hunched in a corner somewhere sucking
      his thumb with all the lights on. Hoping The Big Ole Visor Monster doesn’t get him NEXT:
      Tennessee. (This ought to be interesting) LW - 20
21. Oklahoma St. - The Cowboys are the perennial almost team. Seems like every year they wear
      their heads bald on the ceiling that is the next level. NEXT: Kansas St.  LW - 16
22. Miami, Fl - You know how Hurricanes are. One minute they’re threatening to wreak all sorts
      of havoc an get all coastal on you and next minute they fizzle out in the middle of the
      Atlantic. NEXT: @ Virginia  LW - NR
23. Mississippi State - You struggled at home against the U niversity of A ddle B rained?
      Seriously!?! Sigh. NEXT: Kentucky LW - 25
24. Nevada - I really hope Nevada doesn’t lose any more games. Bosie and Nevada will put on a
      great show later in the season. But for it to means something for the Wolfpack they can have
      no more losses. NEXT: A nice leisurely scrimmage with Utah St.  LW -NR
25. Baylor - Bowl eligible for the first time in forever. And they are momentarily sitting a top of
      the Big 12 South. And it’s not even 2012 yet. NEXT: @ Texas LW- NR

Couldn’t hack it on the big stage: West Virginia, Texas, Kansas St.

Hanging out in the Green Room: Hawaii, Virginia Tech, Navy, North Carolina State, Syracuse, West Virginia, Michigan, East Carolina.

Well that's it. My brain is tired and I'll be sitting on pins and needles until the Oregon - USC game is over.

Posted on: October 19, 2010 2:50 am

2010 Top 25 Week 7

Well here it is a new week and we have yet a new #1. Remember what I said last week? "Will anyone be able to finish the season undefeated? Now the Buckeyes get the unenviable joy of having the largest target in college football... Wisconsin has first shot at that target."

Ugh (and I'm not talking about Geogia's mascot.) now it Oregon's turn. I kinda wish Boise St. was number one so they could lose first. Just kidding...or not. Really I like Boise St. No really.

Nevermind just read my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land .

1. Oregon - I actually don’t, in my heart, want to put them here. You know, biggest target in
    football and all of that silliness. Don’t think the Ducks will have to much trouble with Next:
    UCLA. LW - 2
2. Boise St. - This is where your schedule starts killing you. If Hawai’i and Nevada keep
    winning they will help. Shame they are not in the MWC already. They would very likely be
    NCG bound NEXT: La. Tech next Tuesday.  LW - 3
3. Auburn - 9th ranked offense meet 3rd ranked defense. Something has got to give. Usually
    it’s the defense that wins in these situations. But I think Mr. Newton will have something to
    say about this. NEXT: LSU  LW - 7
4. TCU - Living in Boise’s shadow. But the Frogs have something Boise doesn’t. A top-10
    team left on their schedule. NEXT: The ground game of Air Force LW - 5
5. Oklahoma - Did you know by blanking Iowa St. the Sooners went from being ranked 93rd
    in total defense to 68th. Numbers are funny that way. NEXT: Unbeaten Missouri. LW - 6
6. LSU - Word on the street is the only part of their next game you need see is the final two
    minutes. NEXT: @ Auburn LW - 9
7. Michigan St. - Spartans are the surprise team of the year. NEXT: @ Northwestern (Who
    lost to Purdue who lost to Toledo. Nuff said) LW - 14
8. Alabama - Now that the Gamecock boat anchor has been removed from around their necks,
    they can work their way back up: @ Tennessee. LW - 11
9. Utah - Ow, who put this glass ceiling here? NEXT: Scrimmage with
    Colorado St. LW - 8
10. Wisconsin - Game with Buckeyes was really over after the opening kickoff. Sorry you’re
      just going to have to face it. NEXT: @ IOWA  LW - 20
11. Stanford - Good team, bad mascot. NEXT: Washington St. LW - 12
12. Ohio St. - 1-1 in road games. That’s 50% They’ll beat Minnesota. But what about Iowa?
      They could very well end the season 2-2 on the road. If I had trouble on the road I’d only
      schedule 4 away games too. NEXT: Home vs. Perdue  LW - 1
13. Nebraska - > Insert pinching nose because of the rotten egg you laid on your own field
      emoticon here <  NEXT: Doesn’t get any easier @ Oklahoma St. LW - 4
14. Arizona - Bad news, Foles out for at least 2 weeks. Good news, Matt Scott played well in
      his stead. Good news qualifier, it was just Washington St. That’s two week in a row the
      Couges have injured starting QB’s. Stanford might want to play their back up.  NEXT:
      Washington  LW - 15
15. Iowa - Bet your wishing Arizona would just hurry up and lose already. NEXT: Wisconsin
      LW - 16
16. Oklahoma St. - I’m just not quite ready to drink the Cowboy Kool Aid yet. A win verses
      the Cornhuskers would help. NEXT: Nebraska
17. Missouri - More Kool Aid I’m not ready to drink. A win versus the Sooners and you
      WILL be in the 10 for sure.  NEXT: Oklahoma  LW - 21
18. Florida St. - Best team in Florida. That’s not saying much. Did I just type that out loud?
       NEXT: North Carolina St.  LW - 17
19. West Virginia - Will a real Big East team please stand up, please stand up. Next: Some
      Orange men that aren’t really men anymore  LW - 25
20. South Carolina - Yo yo team. Up, down, up, down, up, down, etc. NEXT: @ Vanderbilt.
      (Lose this and you are DTM!) LW - 10
21. Arkansas - At this point I’m just waiting for them to lose again so I don’t have to rank them
      any more. Is that bad? NEXT: Masolippi.  LW - 13
22. Kansas St. - Because I love replacing the teams I rank 20 - 25 every week. NEXT:
      Baylor LW - NR
23. Texas - This is a team in transition. As in they transitioned from a top 10 team to an
      unranked team and from an unranked team to ranked again. NEXT: Iowa St. LW - NR
24. USC - This is a team that’s getting better and better. Finally put together a complete game.
      Offense is scary. But I still think your Tampa 2 smells like poo. NEXT: (BYE) LW -NR
25. Mississippi St. - Are you aware of an incredibly exciting innovation in football called the
      forward pass? You should try it. People outside of Mississippi might endure listening to
      cowbells to watch one of your games.  NEXT: U niversity of A ddle B rained. LW- NR

We were going along just fine and then the bottom fell out : Nevada, Air Force, North Carolina St., Michigan.

Brown nosing their way to the top : Nevada, North Carolina St., North Carolina, Georgian Tech, Baylor, Virginia Tech (Did you know when I googled James Madison all I got back were images of boat anchors and cement shoes? True story.)

Thus concludes this weeks fun and games. See ya next week...or not. Just kidding.


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